Spring is here!

Lawn care tips for the spring!

Spring is coming to the Denver Metro Area and for many of you renting homes this means lawn maintenance. In section 18 of your lease it states that the rresident shall keep the yard free from all litter, dirt, debris and other obstructions. And that the resident further agrees to keep the trees, lawns and shrubs on the premises properly watered, cut and trimmed, to keep the yard free from weeds and leaves raked from lawn. Some of you also must follow the rules and regulations of your home owners associations.  There may also be watering restrictions for your area as well.  Please check with your water service to make sure that you're within the guidelines. If you have a sprinkler at the property someone will be contacting you regarding the turn on and check for the system.

We've experienced a drier than average spring and the following lawn care recommendations apply will help with maintaining the care of your lawn.

Fertilizing the Lawn:  Bergan will sometimes reimburse tenants for fertilizer as long as the tenant provides a receipt. Reimbursement will depend upon the owner of the home, so we ask that you please contact us before purchasing anything for lawn care. We ask that you deduct the amount from the rent and include the receipt along with the rent payment.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

You should fertilize the lawn for spring, which is considered March to June. Fertilizer applied before watering is allowed and won't cause any issues for the lawn. The moisture from spring rain or snow will cause the nutrient to be released into the lawn.

Aeration of the lawn in the spring is highly recommended. Please contact us BEFORE you aerate the lawn to see if we will reimburse you for the cost. Aeration will help to enhance water infiltration for spring and summer watering and is also recommended with over seeding (Bergan will also reimburse for grass seed per owner instructions). Over seeding will help fill in patches of grass that may have died over the winter due to lack of oxygen, drought, or mites.  Fertilization, aeration, and over seeding can all be done at the same time!

Your lawn mowing height should be between 2 1/2 to 3" for the whole season and mow during the cooler morning or evening hours so that you can avoid damaging the lawn.

A big problem for everyone who cares for a lawn is weed control! There are fertilizers available that have both fertilizer and weed control in them and we encourage you to try those.  However, if you do reseed the lawn please note that you should not use weed control fertilizer because it will impair the new grass from growing.  Please also note that dandelions and other weeds should be removed from the lawn in a timely manner. There are not only HOA regulations regarding weeds, but city ordinances as well.

Watering the lawn is a necessity for lawn care, but if you water within the guidelines you should have no problem keeping the grass green.  If you have a sprinkler system, the times will be set accordingly when the person come out to turn on the system. It is recommended that you water between 6 pm and 10 am, as these are the cooler times of the day and so the water is able to sink further in the soil rather than just evaporate. It also means that you use less water! Please check with your water company to make sure that you are within their watering guidelines. Some of the water companies are Aurora Water, Denver Water, Englewood, and East Cherry Creek Valley.

If you wish to plant flowers or a garden, then you are welcome to do so, however, it will be at your cost.


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