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Snow, Snow and More Snow!

All of the wonderful snowfall that we've had the past few days here in the Denver Metro area means that there is a lot of beautiful white fluffy stuff to shovel off of driveways and sidewalks! Please be aware that even if you are just renting the home, you are still responsible for the snow removal around the home.  Make sure that you are following city and HOA guidelines to remove snow.  The City of Aurora, the City of Denver, Wheatridge, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Centennial, Littleton, and Englewood all have certain parameters that have to be met or they will issue notices of violations. If you have a home that has and HOA (Home Owner's Association) you should also read through the rules and regulations of your HOA to make sure that you are consistent with their expectations as well. If you are renting a condominium or a townhouse, please read through the HOA rules and regulations as well.  There may be certain areas that residents are required to keep snow free and certain areas that the HOA is required to clear.

When you are shoveling it's important to remember that it is a strenuous physical activity. You can burn approximately 480 calories an hour when shoveling snow so it's a great way to get in that extra workout!