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If you have standing water in your sink and turning on the garbage disposal doesn't drain the water, then it's most likely clogged with debris. Your garbage disposal is for small bits of food left on dishes and there certain food items that should never go down it. Some of them are rice, pasta, animal bones, egg shells, asparagus, lettuce, celery, carrot and potato peels; just to name a few.

The first thing you need to do is SHUT OFF THE POWER at the main circuit breaker or unplug it from the outlet under the sink. To be sure that the power is of, test it at the switch to see if it runs by switching to the ON position. After checking the power, make sure to turn the switch back to the OFF position.

Once you have the power off and find an Allen wrench and get underneath the clogged disposal. There will be a hole directly in the center of the disposal. Place the Allen wrench in the hole and turn clockwise until you feel resistance. Once you feel resistance turn counter clockwise until you feel the resistance again. The resistance you are feeling is whatever is causing the clog, so in order to unclog it you need to knock it out. You should repeat the process until the resistance is gone.

When you no longer feel resistance, make sure the switch is still turned OFF and turn the power back on at the breaker or plug the disposal back in underneath the sink and get back underneath it press the red reset button. THEN flip the switch to ON and test it to make sure it was unclogged. Please note that if there is standing water or other debris in the sink this may spray out once it's turned back on.

If you don’t feel any resistance when you turn the Allen wrench, then it may not be clogged; however, the drain pipe may be. This usually happens when the disposal was able to process the food, but it was too much for the pipe to handle. This is definitely not covered under section 18 of the lease. You can fix this easily though.

First find a plunger. Please make sure it's a new plunger or NOT the one that you have used on the toilet. If you have a double sink, plug the non-garbage disposal sink with a rubber stopper, if you don’t have one buy one or the plunger won't work properly. Place the plunger over the opening of the disposal sink and press firmly which will force air down in to the pipes. You should repeat this a few times, then unplug the other side of the sink if you have one and try the disposal to see if it is unclogged. If it is not, repeat the process a few more times and try test it again. If the plunger still doesn’t work you should let the water stand for a little while (not too long) and try the process again. Sometimes the pressure building from the standing water is enough pressure to clear the clogged drain.

If it still doesn't clear the drain, then you can contact us and we will send out someone to snake the sink.  However, please be aware that the bill will be your responsibility to pay.

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