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If you flip the switch to your garbage disposal and it just hums but does not turn, then it is jammed.

Your first step is to TURN OFF THE POWER. Some garbage disposals have a plug under the sink, in which case just unplug it and no power will go to it. If it does not have a plug under the sink then you should turn off the power for it at the main circuit breaker. Make sure to test to make sure the power is off by turning the switch to the ON position and if it doesn't hum the power is off. Be sure to turn the switch back to the OFF position. However, if it still hums, then you have not flipped the proper breaker switch, so you should go back and try to figure out which with breaker is the right one for the disposal.

Next you would take the handle off a plunger and, at a angle, try to spin the impeller blades inside the it. Most of the time you can clear a jammed disposal this way.

If this fails to clear the jam, then you need to try an Allen wrench. In the center of the bottom of the disposal there should be a hole. Place the Allen wrench into this hole and engage it with the flywheel. You should turn it back and forth until it turns freely.

After the jam is cleared, you should extract what was stuck inside. You can use needle nose pliers to reach in and remove the debris or you can use a wet/dry shop vac to vacuum out the debris.

After you are finished and you make sure that the garbage disposal switch is still in the OFF position, you can plug it back in under the sink or turn the power back on at the circuit breaker. Then turn on the cold water and turn on the switch. Your disposal should be turning freely now.

If it is not turning freely, you will need to repeat the steps. If you repeat the steps and it still does not turn freely, please contact our office.


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